A01 Automatic Series A

550 (+ control cabinet 100) kg
Crown: 22 mm
Leg: 18 mm
Load capacity
4000 pcs.

A01 Stapling Automat with 2 Blindstapling heads E 24.
TOP Blind Stapling of filled cartons.
SHM E 24-60/2 TN.

Application range

Folding boxes with the same size and with overlapping flaps which have already been bottom-stapled and filled will be centred on a conveyor belt and fed into the folding station.


The top flaps still being open will be folded automatically. After folding the box will be conveyed into the stapling station where 2 stapling heads E 24 apply 2 – 4 staples according to the box size. 

Technical Description

• Capacity: up to 8 cartons/minute.
• With centering device.
• With folding station for top flaps.
• With  control cabinet 1000 x 300 x 1200 mm.
• With operating panel. 
• Fitted with 2 stapling heads E 24-60*.
• High loading capacity. 
• Each head for 4000 coiled staples TOP E 60 4.
• Reloading a head within 1 minute.

Blind Stapling

• The staple is automatically clinched without clinching anvils.


• No additional stitching holes next to the staple which would destroy
   the cardboard partially and diminish the rigidity of the box.
• A box closed with TOP blind stitch makes a better optical impression.
• No damage to the contents as the staple is clinched within the
  under board without penetrating completely through.
• No clinching anvils which are mainly subject to wear and tear,
   thus higher availability and less susceptibility to repair.

* See also Stapling Heads for coiled staples > E 24.

415 V / 50 Hz
4 - 6 bars
Air consumption per stapling at 6 bar
2.4 Ltr.NL. for stapling head
Device dimensions (L x W x H)
1380 x 1370 x 2500 mm without control cabinet
Noise pressure level
< 70 dB
550 (+ control cabinet 100) kg
Stapling head
2 x E 24 - 60
Load capacity
4000 pcs.
Stapling head reloading
within 1 minute
For following sizes
280-600 x 150-460 x 150-250 mm
A01 Stapling Automat SHM E 24-60/2 TN TOP Blind Stapling of filled cartons
Blindstapling Head for coiled staples (22-26 mm crown, 2 mm wire) for stationary use in stapling machines for box bottom, top closing of filled cartons and top closing of telescopic-type boxes.
Staple Remover MORI.
To remove larger staples from cardboard boxes.

TOP E 60 4

for stapling head TOP E 24 - 60
A = crown:
22,00 mm
4.000 pcs.
B = leg:
18,00 mm
16.000 pcs.
C = wire:
2,00 mm