C03 Automatic Series C

Crown: 20 mm
Leg: 20 mm
Load capacity
8 x 5000 pcs.

C03 Semi Automatic Nailing Machine with 8 heads A 20.
Nailing Carton onto Wood.
(Packets of ream printing plates). KA 8 x A 20-60 ST

Application range

The packet is being pushed into the nailing station on a conveyor with universal rolls. A stop dog with 2 roller valves triggers 8 stapling operations simultaneously by contact. 4 coiled staples from above and 4 from below. The package will be turned on the conveyor by 180° and the other side will be nailed with 8 staples.

In contrast to common fasteners the staple will not be shot into the material but pressed which avoids any damage to the carton.

Technical Description

•  8 Stapling heads for coiled staples: A 20 - 60.
•  4 Heads in left and 4 in right execution. 
•  Loading capacity of 1 stapling head: 5000 coiled staples.
•  Coiled staples M A 60 ST.
•  Reloading time for 1 coil: less than 1 minute. 
•  Adjustable for different carton sizes.
•  Triggered by contact.
•  Main frame with security equipment.
•  Equipped with 4 castor wheels for easy moving.
•  Equipped with 20 l pressure tank to compensate pressure oscillations.
Optional supplementary equipment with sensors as to initial position, staple reserve, staple outlet control, end of staple coil.
See also Stapling head for coiled staples > A 20.
pneumatic - sequential control
4 - 6 bars
Air consumption per stapling at 6 bar
2.4 Ltr.NL for stapling head
Noise pressure level
< 70 dB
Stapling head
8 x A 20 - 60 ST
Load capacity
8 x 5000 pcs.
Stapling head reloading
within 1 minute
For following sizes
Ries package
C03 Semi Automatic Nailing Machine KA 8 x A 20 with 8 heads. Nailing Carton onto Wood (packets of ream printing plates).
Stapling Head for coiled staples (20 mm crown, 1.5 mm wire). For stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines for stapling and nailing all kind of materials.
Staple Remover MORI.
To remove larger staples from cardboard boxes.

M A 60 ST

for stapling head A 20 - 60
A = crown:
20,00 mm
5.000 pcs.
B = leg:
20,00 mm
20.000 pcs.
C = wire:
1,50 mm
steel wire

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