Bottom stapling machines

2,3 kg
Crown: mm
Leg: mm
Load capacity

Long Handle Extension with double grip for pneumatic Blind Stapler TOP or TACKER

Application range

IIn connection with a POGOSTICK pneumatic staplers TOP SP and TACKER can be easily inserted into the oversized carton from above. The POGOSTICK is a handle extension combined with a holding bar with double grip and trigger for pneumatic release.

1. POGOSTICK TOP SP P for bottom closure of large cartons of double or thin triple corrugated cardboard. Blind stapling without clinching anvils. A specially preformed TOP staple is being automatically clinched - see Blind Stapler TOP SP P

2. POGOSTICK TACKER N 200 ZH 16 well suited for fastening strong cardboard onto wood. Also to be used for roofing felt, damping plates etc..

Application: carton manufacturing, building and carpenter work, setting up wooden cases, roofing.

Technical Description

• long Handle with double grip
• staple triggering on above grip
• suspension eye for balancing hook
• adapter plate for tacker or stapler will be adjusted 
• dimensions: 1000 x 230 x 75 mm
• weight 2,3 kilo (+ TOP or TACKER weight)
5,5 - 8 bars
Device dimensions (L x W x H)
1000 x 230 x 75 mm
2,3 kg
product video
Compressed air spiral hose 4 m

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