D08 Automatic Series D

2500 kg
Crown: 20 mm
Leg: 11 mm
Load capacity
11 x 5000 pcs.

D08 Stapling Machine with 11 stapling heads A 20.
Fastening aluminum sheets to a plastic carrier.
SHM 11 /A 20-42/080.

Application range

Automotive industry: fastening aluminum sheets to a plastic carrier part.

Two parts can be processed simultaneously.

Lid part: On a fixed stapling table, an aluminum sheet is placed in a matching component holder and above all a plastic lid. All inserted parts are detected.
Carrier part: On a mobile stapling table, an aluminum sheet and a carrier part made of plastic are also inserted in a precisely fitting component holder.
Aluminum sheet and carrier part are detected in installation position. In addition, a ready-stapled lid is manually installed in the carrier part. The matching screws and nuts along with the lid are detected.

As soon as the stapling machine has detected all necessary parts, the stapling process is released and can be started by pressing a button.

At first, a stapling head movable by means of a gantry system approaches all the programmed stapling positions on the carrier part and sets the corresponding staples.
The programmed stapling positions on the lid are then approached on the fixed stapling table. At the same time the mobile stapling table with the carrier part moves into another stapling area in which 10 stapling heads are firmly installed. In 3 stapling positions a total of 10 staples are set here. After completion of the stapling process, the movable stapling table moves back to its initial position. Simultaneously the lid is also stapled and the complete carrier part can be removed.

Performance: approx. 50 sec. per part with a total of 31 staples (without handling).

Technical Description

for staplinmg machine D08 (SHM 11/A20-42/10+1X/ROE/BEL/POR/KOM)
• 1 fixed stapling table with an adapter for lid and matching aluminum sheet.
• 1 gantry axis system with movable roll-staple stapling head.
• 1 linear axis with moveable stapling table for carrier part and matching aluminum sheet.

• 10 fixed roll-staple stapling heads (+1).
• Roll-staple stapling head 11 x A 20 - 42/080.
• Coiled staples M A 42 SS.
• Load capacity: 5000 staples per coil.
• Reload time of a staple coil in less than one minute.

• Frame with protective doors.
• protective glazing.
• Safety light curtain in the insertion area.
• Valve terminal.
• Compressed air storage with maintenance unit.
• Electric-pneumatic drive.
• Control cabinet with touch panel.
• Voltage 415 V, 50 Hz.
• Air pressure 6 bars.
• Air consumption per stapling operation at 6 bars: approx. 80 ltr. NL / min.
• Machine dimensions W x D x H:  5700 x 3300 x 2700 mm.
• Emission sound pressure level <70 dB.
• Weight approx. 2500 kg.

See also > Automatic Stapling Machines > D01-D09, as well as
> Stapling Device with arm > SGR 1 / QE / A 20 - 42 / VT.
SIEMENS SPS-Sienumerik
415 V/50 Hz
6 bars
Air consumption per stapling at 6 bar
70 Ltr.NL/min
Noise pressure level
<70 db
2500 kg
Stapling head
11 x A 20 - 42/80
Load capacity
11 x 5000 pcs.
Stapling head reloading
within 1 minute
D08 Stapling Machine SHM 11 /A 20-42/080 with 11 stapling heads. For fastening aluminum sheets to a plastic carrier.
Stapling Head for coiled staples (20 mm crown, 1.5 mm wire). For stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines for stapling and nailing all kind of materials.
Staple Remover MORI.
To remove larger staples from cardboard boxes.

M A 42 S

for stapling head A 20 - 42
A = crown:
20,00 mm
5.000 pcs.
B = leg:
11,00 mm
40.000 pcs.
C = wire:
1,50 mm
stainless steel