A01 Stapling Automat SHM E 24-60/2 TN
Top Blind Stapling of filled cartons

A02 Autom. Stapling Machine SHM E 24-60/4SX
Top closure of telescopic-type boxes.

A03 Automatic Stapling Machine SHM E 24-60/4
Box bottom and top closing of filled carton

A04 Automatic Stapling Machine SHM LRS-T 34/2
Top closing of filled boxes

A05 Autom. Stapling Machine SHM LRS-B 34/6X
Closing cartons with overlapping flaps

A06 Stapling Machine SHM B 36-78/4X / MEV with 4 Heads
Stapling large packages up to 4 layers of double corrugated carton

B01 Semi Autom. Tray Stapling Machine SHA 78

B02 Automatic Tray Stapling Machine SHA 81/HG

B03 Fully Autom. Tray Stapling Machine SHA 81 (Standard)

B04 Fully Autom. Stapling Machine SHA 81/LIFT
Stapling cardboard flats to trays

B05 Fully Autom. Stapling Machine SHA 11 SCC
Stapling of Folding Boxes according to FEFCO 300

C01 Stapling Machine SGR 3/B 36 - 78 with
3 Stapling Heads. Stapling Carton Sleeves on Carton Flaps

C02 Stapling Machine DN-A 20 - 35
with 1 Stapling Head A 20-35.
Stapling wire netting.

C03 Semi Autom. Stapling Machine KA 8 x A 20
Nailing Carton onto Wood (packets of ream printing plates)

C04 Automatic Stapling Machine
with 3 Stapling Heads C 13 - 30/80.
Nailing Film, Cardboard onto Wooden Pallets.

C05 Automatic Nailing Machine with
1 or 2 Stapling Heads C 13-30/80.
For nailing labels onto wooden pallets.

C06 Automatic Stapling Machine ST/4 x B 36-60
with 4 Stapling Heads for stapling cardboard bobbins

C07 Stapling Machine SHM C 13 - 26 / 2
with 2 Stapling Heads for stapling breadths for ridges of a roof.

C08 Stapling Machine SHM CO/3 A 20 - 60
with 3 Stapling Heads Stapling: Slide lids into cardboard tubes.

C09 Automatic Stapling Machine
SHM/C13-30/4X/TR with 4 Stapling Heads.
Stapling of Slide Lids into Cardboard Tubes.

D01 Stapling Machine SGR 10/A 20-42
with 10 Stapling Heads.
Fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base

D02 Stapling Machine SHM 1X/A 20-42/PORT/ROE
with 1 Stapling Head. Fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base.

D03 Stapling Machine SGR 5/A 20-42/RIE3
with 5 Stapling Heads fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base

D04 Stapling Machine SHM/C13-26/1X/VER
with 1 head. Stapling acustic isolation to plastic tube.

D05 Semi Automatic Stapling Machine
SGR 6/A 20-42/80/AUT with 6 heads.
Stapling Alu-Sheets onto Plastic Parts

D06 Semi Automatic Stapling Machine
SGR C 13-30/6/ELR with 6 heads.
Stapling Machine for Stapling Alu-Sheets.

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