Pneumatic Stapling Head for coiled staples with
13 mm crown and 1.0 mm wire. For stationary use in stapling devices and special purpose machines for stapling and nailing all kind of materials.

D01 Stapling Machine SGR 10/A 20-42
with 10 Stapling Heads.
Fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base

D02 Stapling Machine SHM 1X/A 20-42/PORT/ROE
with 1 Stapling Head. Fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base.

D03 Stapling Machine SGR 5/A 20-42/RIE3
with 5 Stapling Heads fastening Alu-Sheets onto a Plastic Base

D04 Stapling Machine SHM/C13-26/1X/VER
with 1 head. Stapling acustic isolation to plastic tube.

D05 Semi Automatic Stapling Machine
SGR 6/A 20-42/80/AUT with 6 heads.
Stapling Alu-Sheets onto Plastic Parts

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